Experiment #4

A scientific and artistic partnership between TEATR PIBA & IFREMER 

Based on the work of David Wahl
Translation – Tangi Daniel
Versions – Breton / Joual (Quebecois French) ou English / Joual
Suitable for all audiences over 12
Running Time ~ 20 min
Audience capacity ~ 20/50

“…This is a universe so very different to ours and so very far away from us that we may observe it. It is not a forest, an island or a new continent where we can physically set foot – but rather a sort of parallel world, where only machines can go. Because it is so difficult to access, it is more like space exploration than a trip into the jungle”

David Wahl, Donvor Log Book – July 2017

Spluj means dive in Breton… and this really is a first dive. Teatr Piba would like to invite the audience to plunge into a creative laboratory, a short immersive ‘taster’ of the forthcoming Donvor*. Wearing headsets and eye masks, audience members lie back comfortably in deckchairs to experience the oceanographic vessel the Pourquoi-pas (the Why-Not) in a sensory ‘dive’. Extracts from David Wahl’s log book from the MoMARSAT 2017 scientific campaign are narrated live by two actors, alongside sound installations representing life on board.

* The creative project Donvor/ Deep Thoughts began when Teatr Piba artists met scientists Pierre-Marie Sarradin and Jozée Sarrazin, who lead the ‘Deep Environments’ lab at Ifremer in Brest. Together, they embarked on a long-term adventure linking research and artistic domains.

Creative Team

Artistic Director – Thomas Cloarec
Writer and Dramaturge – David Wahl
Translation – Tangi Daniel
Actors – Charlotte Heilmann, Karine Dubé-Guillois, Krismenn
Set designer – Nadège Renard
Sound Designer and Stage Technician – Gwenole Peaudecerf
Sound Recording – Pablo Salaun
Scientists – Pierre-Marie Sarradin, Jozée Sarrazin
Production manager – Tony Foricheur


Co-production : Festival Kann al Loar – Landerneau
Partners: – Coopération Nantes/ Rennes/ Brest: Au bout du plongeoir – Rennes métropole, La chapelle Derezo, La ville de Brest, Les Fabriques Chantenay – Nantes métropole, UBO LabexMer, Brittany Council, French Institut – Brittany Council, Finistère Council, Consulate General of France in Vancouver, University of Victoria (British Columbia). 

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