Laboratory #3   

Based on the work of Stéphanie Coquillon
Dramaturgy – Armel Veillan
Translation – Tangi Daniel
Running time ~ 20 min
Audience capacity ~ 20

“Leaving everything behind. Leaving work, home, family behind was hard. And we had a great life, a wonderful life. I said to my husband, ‘No, we’re not leaving’.”
“He took the bags and left. He didn’t even look at the house – he couldn’t. He closed his eyes and left. He felt as if he was falling. It’s not “breaking” really… like… what’s the word for when you use something to cut down a tree?”

We had lovely houses is a creative laboratory based on meetings with women and men in Brest who fled their countries. Languages, everyday actions, geographic and internal shifts, settling in… Voices and testimony are brought to life in radio drama form by an actor, an artist and a musician. These voices and encounters serve as our compass.


Artistic Director – Stéphanie Coquillon
Music and Sound Designer – Marie Guérin
Set Designer and Videographer  – Achille Berthou
Actress – Marion Gwen


With the support of Festival Obliques, Brest; Brittany Region (Local Authority); Finistère Departmental Council

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