Audio Theatre

Based on the work of Dominique Paquet © 2001 – L’École des Loisirs – Paris
Translation and Adaptation – Aziliz Bourges
Breton and French versions
Suitable for all audiences over 9
Running Time – 50 minutes
Audience capacity 130

« Often the first image of a play comes to me at night. Characters emerge from the shadows slowly as if being torn away, lit by a hurricane lamp or a torch. Once they have come into the space of my night, they won’t leave. They follow their story from the darkness to the bright page… » 

Dominique Paquet

The story takes place in China. One evening, Zao Ming tells his friend Shen You that he won’t stay another hour in his house. Why not? Because China is changing too quickly: money is king, his parents have become slaves and are not looking after him any more. Shen You joins Zao Ming, and they go through trials and ordeals all the way to the edge of the world. Their travelling companions are the paintbrushes and words they use to describe the world as it now is… and as it could be..

Creative Team

Artistic director – Thomas Cloarec
Translation – Aziliz Bourges
Actors and Foley – Léo Guillerm, Tifenn Linéatte
Music and Sound Effects – Guillaume Le Guern
Lighting designer – Stéphane Lebel
Sound designer / Stage manager – Gwénolé Peaudecerf
Set designer – Nadège Renard
Production manager – Tony Foricheur


Sponsors Ministry of culture and communication / DGLFLF  – Brittany Council  – Finistère Council – DRAC of Brittany / Armorica’s Cultural Center / Public School Le Petit Prince, Plouguerneau – Crédit agricole Foundation

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