Radio drama
For audiences over 10 years old
Based on work by Mike Kenny
Adapted from English by Kristian Ar Braz

“ When I was at home, I knew who I was. I was just me. Then I was a refugee.”

Boy with a Suitcase is the third radio drama in Breton by Teatr Piba in collaboration with Dizale. After the children’s theatre play Al Liorzhour (2002), adapted from the play The Gardener Teatr Piba returns to the direct and poetic writing of British dramatist Mike Kenny. With Paotr e Valizenn/ Boy with a Suitcase, we are delighted to offer a radio play for young audiences who are less accustomed to this way of engaging with a work. We are dealing with a child, forced to leave his war-torn country for Eldorado. Through the story of this young traveller, Naz, the author succeeds in giving an identity to the “anonymous refugees” we hear about every day in the media.

Thomas Cloarec, 2017

The story
It all started in Naz’s home, where his father used to tell him stories. One day, war broke out. Naz found himself alone. He has to flee his country to try and reach his brother in London. On the way, he meets Krysia and together they face all kinds of dangers: mountains, oceans, slavery, wolves and even death.
Artistic Director – Thomas Cloarec
With – Tony Foricheur, Mai Lincoln, Tangi Daniel, Sarah Floch, Tangi Merien, Jakez Andre, Kaou Langoet, Riwal Kermarrec o vezañ komedianed
Music – Guillaume Le Guern
Foley – Javier Marin Leyton
Sound Engineer – Gwenole Peaudecerf I Teatr Piba, Jean-Mari Ollivier I Dizale
Sound Editor and Mixer – Jean-Mari Ollivier, Studio Dizale
Live Radio Broadcast Manager – Gaël Hélary I Radio Kerne
Communication – Lou Millour I Radio Kerne, Manon Riouat I Teatr Piba
Producer – Teatr Piba / Dizale
Broadcaster – Radio Kerne
Stills Photographer – Sebastien Durand


Sponsor : Rannvro Breizh – FALB,
In partnership with : Arthémuse (Brieg)

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