Based on the work by Aziliz Bourges and Erwan Cloarec 
Suitable for audiences over 13
” We have become oblivious to our metamorphoses ” Stories of metamorphoses fascinate and haunt use. They hold the possibility of transformation as well as the question of form and essence. What transforms within us? What transforms us? The body changes inexorably, day by day, and our only certainty is its mortal end. Everything else is but writing or stigmata. We go on, scarred, on trails we clear, year by year, through our experiences, in a sort of torpor born of the apparent familiarity of our surroundings. We keep going, and on the way we make little adjustments to our inner landscape, forgetful, insouciant, letting on not to hear the arrows slashing through the air around us. Sometimes, one may strike us in the back, and we cryout, suffocating. Our heart is blown open. The map is no good, the paths we knew no longer helpful, the colour of the sky now different. A hollow left by an absence, a crack where everything falls in, falls apart; we are thrown into disarray. After the storm, we are still here and we are not the same. Something in us has died and something else is born. A new pathway leading into unknown places.
A dam is being built.
A graveyard to be cleared out…
… and an ancestor that comes back !
The grandson has to look after the ashes of his grandfather.

Metamorfoz tells of Abeguilé’sinner journey, grappling with his family history.

A bowling green.
A brass bandin an inebriated state.
A naked woman.
A woman with keys who keeps opening and closing her.

Characters we meet in Grandfather’s dream.
A shakenman.
The son of the Other.

Director, Artistic Director – Thomas Cloarec
Assistant Director – Stéphanie Coquillonl
Creative Collaborators – Daniel Mroz, Lattanakone Insisiengmay
Writing and dramaturgy – Aziliz Bourgès, Erwan Cloarec, Thomas Cloarec
Actors – Loeiza Beauvir, Marion Gwen, Charlotte Heilmann, Tangi Daniel, Tony Foricheur, Fred Boudineau, Jérôme Kerihuel, Guillaume Le Guern
Set Designer and Construction – Jean-Michel Appriou, Nadège Renard, Yann Coquil
Video, Sur-Titling, Animation – Achille Berthou, Sébastien Durand
Music – Fred Boudineau, Jérôme Kerihuel, Guillaume Le Guern
Lighting Design – Stéphane Le Bel
Sound Design and Production – Eric Peron
Wardrobe – Marion Laurans, Kiritin Norath
Photography, Graphic Design – Saig Ollivier, Ewen Langoët
Production, Broadcast – Maiwenn Le Nedellec
Co-producers : C’hoariva Bro Montroulez-Le Théâtre du Pays de MorlaixTi ar C’hoariva -Brest/ La Maison du Théâtre -BrestKreizenn sevenadurel an Ellipse -Molan / Le Centre Culturel LʼEllipse -Moëlan-sur-MerTi Ar Vro Kemper -Kemper -Ti Ar Vro Kemper -QuimperLeurenn Glenmor -Karaes/ Espace Glenmor -CarhaixAr c’hiñkailh -Poullaouen/ La Caille qui Rit -PoullaouenC’hoariva Georges Madec -An Eskivien/ Théâtre Georges Madec -Esquibie

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