Bilingual (Breton-French) drama for children
Based on “The Gardener”  by Mike Kenny
55 mins – from age 7

Shortlybefore he died, we would come across my grandfather –who then spent most of his time sleeping-having his breakfast at 8pmat night or drinking an apéritif at 7 in the morning. Not only had he lost hissense of time, but he also had a very selective memory. He would time-travel to his childhoodand believe himself to be ‘home’ in Riec-Trégunc. Sometimes,we would ask him aquestion,remindinghimwhich of his grandchildren we were, and he would smilingly reply,withtouching innocence,’Ah really?’. Harry’s character made me think of my grandfather. It evokes in equal measure the return to childhood and the change in how people relateto time –both features of old age.”

Thomas Cloarec

Joe, an old man, remembers his childhood in his Uncle Harry’s vegetable garden. With each passingseason, Harry loses his memory, forgettingmore and more words. Joe growsup, learning his uncle’s trade as gardener. When another winter bringsHarry’s time to a close, Joe takesover the work


Director – Thomas Cloarec
Writer – Mike Kenny
Translation – Ninnog Latimier, Séverine Magois
Actors – Tangi Daniel, Tony Foricheur
Staging – Jean-Michel Appriou
Set Design – Hervé Manach
Props – Latanakone Insisiengmay, Jean-Michel Appriou
Wardrobe – Loeiza Beauvir
Music Composition – Jérôme Kerihuel, Stéphane Kérihuel
Lighting Design and Stage Management – Stéphane Le Bel
Sound – Eric Péron
Production – Jérémy Uguen
Broadcast – Teatr Piba


Sponsors : DRAC Bretagne, Brittany Region (Local Authority), Finistère Council, Pôle Max Jacob -Ville de Quimper, Moelan sur mer, Redadeg 2012, SPEDIDAM
Co-production: : Très Tôt Théâtre(theatre for young audiences), La Maison du Théâtre, Ti Ar Vro Kemper(organisation supporting groups in promoting Breton culture)
Residencies : CLC Guivinec, MPT Kerfeunteun – Quimper, Très Tôt Théâtre-theatre foryoung audiences, Théâtre du Pays de Morlaix, L’Elipse Cultural Centre –Moelan sur Mer, La Maison du Théâtre -Brest, Le Terrain Blanc -MPT Penhars -Quimper, ULAMIR de l’Aulne -Châteauneuf du Faou (Local Union for Activities in Rural Areas)

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